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Tilak bam Malla   [Updated on 2011-08-17]
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Tilak Bam Malla of Paribesh Band is an amazingly gifted singer and an accomtilak bam mallaplished one at that in all departments. It was the huge success of with such hits as ‘Taxi Gudyo Sarara’, ‘Bhote Talcha’, ‘Mutu chune Lumle ko Hawale’ including a dozen other hits, that made him practically a household name. Having established his credentials with his last album released years back, he is finally back releasing Paribesh Volume – 8”.



Himal Sagar (singer)
 himal sagar

Tilak Bam Malla is senior than me. I respect him a lot. We are more like good friends than brothers. He is very friendly and down to earth in nature.  He knows how to respect his others. As far as I have known him, I have found him to be very cheerful soul. As an artist, he is excellent. He can do justice to his songs. Personally, I grew up listening his music and singing his songs during my college days. His words choices are very typical like ‘Bhote Talcha’. ‘Mutu Chune’ and ‘Bhote Talcha’ are my all time favourites.


Diz Raj Poudel (singer)dizraj

This person is good at heart. The music that he is doing is also nice. Every song that Paribesh have done is great. He is one of the much respected artists. More than any other genre of music, he is more inclined towards doing folk music and I think he should equally try out other genres instead of sticking to a few. In his latest album, he even tries fast rock number. I really like that song. That was a kind of experiment.


Yuvraj Chaulagain (singer)
 yuva raj
He is a good person and a good singer. I have found him to be very cheerful. As an artist, he is tremendous. I think, mostly the melodious and folk composition suits him a lot. I think, he has a very good tuning and he has an evergreen vocal. Paribesh is a band who has come up with good music and good albums. Tilak dai should continue delivering good quality music, which thankfully he have been doing so far.  However, I feel that he should not make long gaps in releasing albums. He is good with tremendous potential.

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